Polishing the Side Edges

Maintenance & Polishing of the Side Edges

Once you have got your side edges to the desired angle, maintaining the edge is the next step.  This is done by using the Pro Edge Beveler to draw a Diamond File or Polsihing Stone down your edges.  This will polish the edge which helps to reduce miniature striations that are left behind from using files.  Those striations can slow down your edges while they are in contact with the snow.  This step is especially important for anyone who is ski or snowboard racing, when the difference between winning and loosing is measured in miliseconds polishing your edges can make that difference. 

Note: In the US bevels are measured by 90-97 degrees, but in Europe it is said 90-83 degrees.  This is measuring the number of degrees off of 90, but are refering to the same bevel degree.  Whether it is a 93 degree or 87 degree, it is still a three degree bevel.


This image is not drawn to scale.