Sidewall Removal

Sun Valley Ski Tools Sidewall Removal

Sidewall Planing 

The action of sidewall planing is very important when maintaining the side edge bevel.  If the top sheet of the ski is too shallow it won't allow the file to apply the proper degree, and may even put a wavey finish in the edge which will slow the ski down dramatically.  The SVST Sidwall Planer is used in tune shops all over the world for its adjustability.  Due to the wide variety of shapes and styles of skis, this is a critical tool for any tuning business or home shop.

The SVST sidewall planer is one of the easiest use because of the ability to adjust the bit in any direction, therefore allowing it to work at maximum efficeincy on any pair of skis.  It also comes with a Multi Radius Bit, which means that each corner of the bit is a different angle.  This allows you to choose the perfect angle leave on your ski where the Sidewall meets the edge material.