Base Edge Beveling

Sun Valley Ski Tools Side Edge Beveling Tips

Beveling Your Base Edges

Base beveling is one of the most critical tasks when tuning a ski or snowboard, because it's easy to over bevel or under bevel.  If this happens it could dramatically change the way your skis or snowboard reacts.  The base bevel determines how quickly your skis will "hook up" and turn.  With a shallower bevel like the .5 degree your skis will tend to be more grabby and as you tilt your ski up on edge it will initiate the turn immediately.  Compared to a deeper Bevel like the 2 degree which will take longer to "hook up", and require the ski to be tilted further onto the edge to initiate the turn.  Most skis will come with a 1 degree base bevel from the factory, and that is the recommended bevel for the majority of skiers.  Some race skis will come with a different bevel that will be specific to the race. 

Due to the critical nature of this action we are providing a video to aid any person to be able to accurately bevel their bases.  The tools that will be demonstrated will be The Final Cut Base Beveler,  Super Chrome File, World Cup Stone Kit, Pro Stone Kit, Medium and Fine Ceramic Stones, Triangle Stones, Secret Sauce, and Spring Clamp.

 This drawing is not to scale!