Intuition Ski Boot Liners

Intuition Thermo-Moldable Boot Liners

A revolutionary product that has no equal in the ski industry!


Intuition Boot Liners informational video 

Intuition continues to offer the best liner in the world, launching new innovations in moldable liner technology and setting unparalleled industry standards.  Whether it's ski or snowboard, mountaineering or water ski boots, there is an Intuition Liner that can enhance comfort and performance, as each liner is custom designed to specific athletic applications.  The Intuition Ultralon Foam used exclusively in all Intuition liners will ensure feet are kept warm, comfortable and happy.



New Feature for the 2011 season!  Last season we tested a new non-stretching sole material for the liners.  This greatly reduced the stretching and wrinkling around the heel.  All of the liners in our line will have the non-stretch sole except for the Pro Wrap and the New Pro Tongue which will come with a 2mm thick rubber bottom, which will not stretch either.  Click here for more technical information on Intuition Foam.


Promotional Materials: We have put together some simple marketing tools for Intuition.  A simple card that sits on an existing wall mounted boot board and shows a sample of the Intuition Ultralon foam that comes with any order of a pair of liners. 

For larger orders over $2000 we will send an Intuition banner.

Free Fitting DVD:  For shops not familiar with the Intuition fitting process we will send a free DVD.

Intuition Dealer Locator:  We have a dealer locator specific to Intuition dealers in the US.  If you would like to be on it please email


Employee Pro Form:  We've found that when boot fitters try Intuition's thermo moldable liners, they start recommending them to their customers as well.  We want every bootfitter in every shop to try a pair.  Liners are 30% off the wholesale price.  Get form from your area rep or call us at 800-758-8857 or email