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Sun Valley Ski Tools Boot Fitting Hardware

SVST has put together a collection of screws, nuts, washers, and t-nuts to be able to repair any of the thousands of boots that are out on the market today.


Item No.DescriptionPriceUOMQty
BRS Boot Hardware Kit EA


Item No.DescriptionPriceUOMQty
501 Modified Tursshead 5mm X 10mm 50pk EA
502 Flat Head Machine Screw 5mm X 10mm 50pk EA
ARP503 4 Prong 5mm T-Nut 50pk EA
TNUT91 U Shaped 5mm T-Nut 50pk EA
TNUT95 Two Flat Sides T-Nut 50pk EA


Item No.DescriptionPriceUOMQty
CR12 Chicago Rivets 1/2in. 50pk EA
CR14 Chicago Rivets 1/4in. 50pk EA
CR36 Chicago Rivets 3/16in. 50pk EA


Item No.DescriptionPriceUOMQty
R10012 50 Semi-Tubular Rivets w/ Washers (5/32 x1/2 long) EA
R10034 50 Semi-Tubular Rivets w/ Washers (5/16 x3/4 long) EA
R100516 51 Semi-Tubular Rivets w/ Washers (5/32 x5/16 long) EA
RGK Rivet Gun Kit EA


 Sun Valley Ski Tools

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