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World Cup Tru-Bar 6in.

Item Number: WCTB6S

You want the best? Here it is! The 6" long Tru Bars that are truly precision instruments. Machined from tool steel then precision ground to be perfectly flat. Black titanium nitride plating provides a dull, flat finish, and Rockwell hardness of 72. The engraved 6cm line when aligning with the ski edge you can determine base edge bevels by measuring the gap between Tru Bar and ski base (see diagram A). Packaged in durable sheath.

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SVST Pro Bevel Meter


Precision machined bevel meter reads side edge as well as base bevels on all skis or snowboards. Fully mechanical. No electronics to go haywire.

Accurate to with in 3 minutes of one degree. Consistent readings regardless of temperature or humidity. Truly a state of the art instrument. Padded durable pouch included. 

It is very important that the edges be clean.  Most effective when spot checking points along the egdes, do not drag along the edge because it may throw off the calibration.  Recalibration fee is $25.


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Round Tru-Bar

SVST is offering a cost effective tru bar. Round in shape and five inches long, it is perfect for checking skis for flatness. Packaged in a vinyl sheath for retail sales.

Alpine Tru-Bar 5/8 Square

Case hardened and precision ground to within 1/1000 of an inch. Black oxide finish makes for easy viewing. A true precision instrument. TB58 includes protective sleeve for retail display.

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