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Die cut from dense foam, SVST’s heel pads won’t break down or collapse. Firm enough for support yet very comfortable. Water proof and mildew resistant. Available in two thicknesses, 3/8 in and ¼ in. Sizes fit small (5-7), medium (8-10) and large (11-13) boot sizes.  Material is easy to shape on a sander or grinder for custom fit. Sold by 10 pair

packs only.

Item No.DescriptionPriceUOMQty
BFWM12 Boot Fitting Wedge 1/2in. X 6in. X 12in. EA
BFWM14 Boot Fitting Wedge 1/4in. X 6in. X 12in. EA
BFWMX Boot Fitting Wedge Mixed Dozen (6 ea) EA
HLL12 3/8in. Heel Lift Large EA
HLL14 1/4in. Heel Lift Large EA
HLM12 3/8in. Heel Lift Medium EA
HLM14 1/4in. Heel Lift Medium EA
HLMX12 3/8in. Heel Lift Mix (3 of Each Size) EA
HLMX14 1/4in. Heel Lift Mix (3 of Each Size) EA
HLS12 3/8in. Heel Lift Small EA
HLS14 1/4in. Heel Lift Small EA


Item No.DescriptionPriceUOMQty
VWL Varus Wedge Large 10pk EA
VWM Varus Wedge Medium 10pk EA
VWS Varus Wedge Small 10pk EA


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