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SVST Custom Logo Wax Scraper

Custom Logo is Free with an order of 200 or more scrapers.

Because Sun Valley Ski Tools works with so many vendors to provide the best products we also want to offer our customers the opportunity to put their logo on certain products.  There are many options when it comes to custom scrapers.  We can do many scraper colors including bright colored translucent plexi glass with a wide variety of screen printing colors to highlight your logo.  We also offer different shapes if needed, the stock scrapers come in a 3" x 5" or a 2.5" x  6", but we can do different shapes if needed.  The minimum quantity is 200 scrapers per order and there is a one time set up fee of 65 dollars.  There is a four week lead time, so don't wait until the last minute to order your custom logo wax scrapers.

Please call Bryce at 800-758-8857 or email to place your custom logo order.

SVST Wax Scrapers
Basic Wax Scraper-Screenprint Your Logo Here

No logo - just a good scraper. All four sides machined to a razor sharp edge. 3" x 5" x 3/16" thick.

Not allowed to buy

Big Stick Wax Scraper 10in.

Made of hi-impact acrylic. This is the perfect scraper for snow boards. The beefy size gives you all the leverage needed for scraping large surface areas.  Scraper size 4" X 10".

Not allowed to buy

Economy Wax Scraper

Made of hi-impact 1/8" acrylic. Machined edges are per fect ly flat. Definitely the best value in the ski in dus try. Size 3 1/2"X 5".

Not allowed to buy

Raceservice-1 Wax Scraper

Not allowed to buy

Sun Valley Clear Acrylic 6in. Wax Scraper

Machined out of 3/16" thick clear acrylic. Notched corner for clean ing wax off metal edges. Scraper dimensions are 3 x 6 x 3/16".

Not allowed to buy

Supreme Wax Scraper

Machined out of 3/16" thick acrylic. Notched corner for clean ing wax off metal edges, one flat corner for removing wax from center groove.  Scraper size is 3 1/2" X 5".

Not allowed to buy

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